Sulphur Burners

Sulphur Burners

Höganäs Borgestad has a great deal of competence and knowledge in the field of sulphur burners. We line many different types and sizes of Sulphur burners for, amongst others, Chellchem Nobel Industries Sweden, which supplies sulphur burners worldwide.

We carry out the installation of both sulphur burners and cooling towers including cooling tower connection pieces, in which the cooling tower can be lined with both refractory material and acid-resistant material, dependent on the type of sulphur burner.

We use well-proven installation techniques and materials.

Priming: After the shell plate has been blast-cleaned, all plating is coated with a primer solution comprising a mixture of HVKD powder and potassium silicate. This protects the shell plate against corrosion.

Material: The fire bricks used are Bjuf SX and the cement Höganäs H-15. If either or both of these are not available then bricks and/or cement of similar quality are used. Conventional castables are HÖGANÄS GUN CC 652 or HÖGANÄS CAST LC 40 AR. There are also other alternatives of similar quality available.

Prefabricated Modules: Nozzle bricks and other specialised bricks used in kilns are produced at our prefabrication department.

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