Multi Fuel Boilers

Multi Fuel Boilers

Boilers and furnaces are exposed for thermal stress various atmospheres. The refractory lining protects boilers/furnaces for high temperatures, wear and alkali attack.

Höganäs Borgestad has chosen the best quality material suitable for both Soda Recovery Boilers and Power Boilers, to make handling of our and the customers’ stock as efficient as possible. This also reduces the risk that wrong material is used. Our design is the best on the market today, both in terms of cost efficiency and quality.

Extremely high quality materials with specially developed properties, such as enhanced resistance to thermal shock and excellent resistance to sulphur and alkalis and proven energy saving designs, are features of Höganäs Bjuf grades, which, in combination with proven installation technique, guarantee the required availability of the plant together with the longest possible service life of the lining. Service and maintenance are a natural part of our offer. By servicing your plant regularly we can make sure that the furnace works optimally in order to prevent unplanned stops and thereby reduce maintenance costs over the long term.

Höganäs Borgestad will take care of all your refractory needs, from project stage to the final installation and documentation.

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