Ferro Alloy



Global partner to the Ferro-Alloy industry

Höganäs Borgestad has served ferro-alloy producers worldwide for decades. Long-term cooperation with customers like Elkem, Eramet among others has led us to the forefront of the ferro-alloy markets. Thanks to our expertise, reputation for quality, cost-effective solutions and timely delivery, we are a preferred refractory supplier to the foundry ferro-alloy industry.

We provide complete refractory solutions including installation for furnaces and ladles. We also supply solutions that use superior refractory material to help lower the total cost to you as the customer.

Our promise is “the lowest refractory cost per produced ton of metal.”

Our delivery range includes:

Fulfilling the refractory needs of ferro-alloy furnaces all over the world

Höganäs Borgestad has extensive experience in supplying refractories for ferro-alloy furnaces. We know the industry processes and understand your need for individual solutions. We can supply all refractory materials for furnace lining: bricks, monolithics, cement and anchors. Our solutions can be found in ferro-alloy furnaces worldwide!

Each furnace is unique, depending on the raw material, electrode placement, power and type of alloy that is produced in the furnace. Our recommendations are based on our experiences with FeSi, Si-metal, manganese and FeCr furnaces. (See “References”).

Our recommendations for the material quality are based on heat conduction, insulation and not to mention, costs. Within these solutions, we also consider furnace construction and desired heat temperature.

The tapping area is normally a “problem area” for ferro-alloy furnaces. Frequent maintenance is not uncommon. Höganäs Borgestad has, together with our customers, developed solutions that have proven successful — year after year! This provides stable operating conditions, good furnace operation and the best overall economy!


Unique refractory solutions for ladles

The lining of the ladle must be optimized and adapted to suit the composition of the metal and slag, metal temperature and metal beam.

Bricks, monolithics, or a combination of the two? Which is the best refractory lining? Opinion is divided, but it is clear that both offer advantages:

  • By tradition and experience, bricks are the preferred solution. They are a stable and secure solution, since they are pre-fired under controlled conditions. This enables you to heat the ladle faster after installation. Note that brick installation requires skilled masons.
  • Monolithics are easier to install, and they provide a joint-free finished surface. However they also require careful mixing, as well as a controlled and gradual furnace heat-up after installation so that moisture content can evaporate.

In other words, the choice is yours. We have any solution you want!