Höganäs Borgestad has supplied the refractory needs since the establishment of the aluminum industry in Norway in the early 20th Century. Our range of materials has become the preferred refractory solution for this industry.

Thanks to our reputation of quality, cost-effective reliability and timely delivery, our products are now sold to aluminum producers around the world — delivering the lowest refractory cost per ton of produced metal.

We provide complete refractory solutions for all the major production steps — cathodes, holding/ casting furnaces for the casthouse and anode-baking furnaces, as well as a number of special applications with top-class refractory materials that will help keep your costs low and promote your competitiveness for the aluminium industry

Our product range includes:

In addition to our high-quality products, we provide a range of services spanning from design to installation.

Aluminium applications and design solutions:

Other special applications:

  • BorgFloor
  • Runners / launders
  • Transport ladles / crusibles
  • Filter boxes for melted aluminum