Prefabricated products


In areas where brick linings are not possible due to complicated geometries and castable solutions can be risky because of problems with curing and firing on site, Höganäs Borgestad prefabricated products can give optimized results, shortening installation time as well.

Production of Prefabricated products

Production of prefabricated products is done in a curing oven computer controlled up to 800 °C, area 280 x 280 cm, height 190 cm and capacity 12 Tons/batch.

Benefits of using Prefabricated products

  • Casted and tempered under controlled conditions
  • Fast installation
  • Prefabricated products could be used as mould for insulation
  • No dry out needed
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy to replace when time comes

High quality materials and additives, high manufacture precision, tight tolerances as well as a unique installation method is a guarantee that our prefabricated products are a superb alternative to other lining methods.

All prefabricated products are delivered already dried and cured what makes new linings more stable and resistant.

Reduced installation time and costs and easier reparations make a huge benefit for our customers.