Coro Tex Pro

Coro Tex Pro

Coro Tex Pro is an inorganic binder for use as surface coating.

The same alkaline atmosphere that plagues refractories also attacks anchors, load supports and casings by infiltration through, as well as, condensation behind refractory linings. Anchors face the worst risk and their failure can lead to lining collapse.

As infiltration and condensation cannot be completely eliminated, it is best to take protective measures to guard metal surfaces against corrosion.

Coro Tex Pro provides a hard ceramic coating that effectively protects against corrosion and withstands prolonged high temperatures.

Typical properties:

  • The binder adheres to a great variety of materials including stainless steel and forms a very hard ceramic.
  • Cures at room temperature or at elevated temperature.
  • When cured, the binder is acid- and moisture proof and withstands alkali up to pH10.
  • The binder is non-toxic, releasing only water vapor during hardening or when heated.