Paddle Mixer

The Höganäs Borgestad Paddle Mixer

Höganäs Paddle Mixers are well-suited to the new generations of monolitics. Our proven Paddle Mixers have the mechanical stability, the driving engine, adjusted mixing paddles and safety features to deliver the best possible properties of castables.

The robust Höganäs Borgestad Paddle Mixer will provide many years of useful service in the preparation of refractory castables (and even some gunnables) prior to installation. It is available for prompt delivery in drum capacities from 140 – 800 liters (100 – 500 liters useful load).

The machine is one integral unit, constructed of strong, wear-proof components, and requires only minimal maintenance beyond normal cleaning after use. It is very stable in operation and incorporates a lifting hook plus a retractable and reversible drawbar, for easy transportation on or behind a vehicle to and from its place of use.

Larger capacity mixers can also be quoted upon request.

Please contact us for further details.