Höganäs Borgestad is a refractory installation company with long experience in the industry

We provide our customers with refractory and combustion technologies.

Höganäs Borgestad’s goal is to become one of the leading companies in our industry in the Nordic countries. We want to deliver very good service at a high quality and a reasonable cost.

We are represented with headquarters in Norway, Sweden and Finland. At these locations we have offices, warehouse and workshop and we want to be your supplier of refractory installations and materials.

Good knowledge, quality and service beyond the ordinary permeates our daily work. Our main focus is complete refractory installation for all our segments.


We make castings on hot surfaces and frictionsurfaces where furnices put extra demnad on fireresistant materials.

Casting composition has higher density and lower porosity which makes it more difficult for harmful particles to penetrate and destroy the fireresistant materials. We use formply or sheet metal for casing and vibrate with staff vibrator or piston vibrator.

The quality of the composition is selected according to conditions, e.g. temperature, fuel, type of oven/furnace and more.


Oven bricklaying is an old profession and a real craftmanship. At Höganäs Borgestad we are proud of our wide competence in this area.

Our bricklaying department perform work within all the fields of this area. Together with our competent project managers and bricklayers, our construction departement make sure to deliver the best result for our customers.

We use the leading brickproducers within this line of business. Contact us if you are in need of bricklaying work.


We can spray both insulation and hot surfaces. There are numerous constructions where spraying may well be used. When sprying will be included in an overall solution will also shorten the stop time at your construction site.

The spraying method is a quick installation which does not require any casing and we have a considerable assembly of machinery within this area.

Let us together with you look over your need of refractory installation.


Next to bricklaying ramming is the oldest method among refractory installations.

With certain installations ramming can be the best method. For instance it’s used when installing the beams in walking-beam ovens in the steel industry. It endures high temperatures and temperature fluctuations, and is very much applicable with short stops and hard-to-reach areas because of the short time it takes to install, lack of casing and the short dry-out time.


We undertake most types of welding tasks as well as production, demolition and reparation within all types of industries.

We also have extensive experience with solid fuel furnaces and its mechanical features with the grate and other equipment, such as transporters, feeds, screws, silos equipment, flues, etc. We are happy to help with solutions.


When necessary our staff perform blasting at your plant with our own equipment.

We are equipped with special tools in order to reach tubes. Blasting is a prerequisite of welding and anchorage in order to remove any remains of materials, salts and alkaloids.


When the best alternative is prefabricated ceramic structural components, Höganäs Borgestad offer you a product that can easily be mounted in place by your own, or contracted staff.

In a facility that needs to be kept in operation, or to limit the amount of staff on site at major stops, this means a minimized intervention time. Our prefab designs are dry-outed before installation which dramatically reduces the risk of injury that arise from rapid increase in temperature.

Our prefabricated parts vary in size from only a few kilos up to full size ovens. When you have a need for prefabrication,
Höganäs Borgestad will help you to find the most optimal solution.


Dry-out is done using oil-burners that are placed in the hatch or another suitable place.

Measuring points are placed in the oven to ensure a correct reading of the temperature. The drying process follows a kiln schedule. Correctly performed, kiln drying prolongs the durability of your linings.


We conduct demolition using approved air-hammers.

We demolish your old linings and unload them at designated location.