About jutec

about jutec

The company, run by the brothers Axel and Stefan Jung, is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe today.

They have a state-of-the-art factory in Rastede, Germany and employs about 90 people.

JUTEC ® GmbH is organized according to three main concepts: heat, workplace and machine protection.

Within these three fields, they specialize in implementing solutions to meet the customer’s individual needs. Through this, they have achieved a strong market position through short delivery times and high quality of all products. This is realized through optimal production processes, the most modern technology, certified textiles and high knowledge among the employees.

Through constant investment in the most modern production technology and demanding tests, JUTEC ® has succeeded in maintaining its production facility in Germany despite increasingly demanding market conditions.

The most modern CAD and cutting technologies as well as computer controlled sewing machines guarantee a fast delivery time. They currently sell to more than 70 countries.JUTEC® relies on absolute security in development and production, and has invested in costly tests from internationally renowned institutes.Jutec’s certificates give customers worldwide a high level of security.