Firemaster Felt


FireMaster Expanding Felt combines the fire protection properties and features of FireMaster fibres with carefully selected binders and exfoliating graphite to produce semi-rigid insulation sheets. The result is insulation that is easy to cut and shape, making it perfect for movement joints and seal penetrations.

Available in both felt and paper form, FireMaster Expanding Felt can be installed quickly and easily. A key characteristic is that FireMaster Expanding Felt expands without emitting smoke, an important ability and contribution to safety within buildings. The expansion capability is also retained for long period, providing a reliable solution even in humid or varied temperature environments.

Key features of FireMaster Expanding Felt include:

  • No smoke emission
  • Easy to cut, shape and install
  • Good longevity of service
  • Available in either felt or paper form

If you are looking for a simple yet effective solution to fill movement joints or seal penetrators within buildings that will provide long term reliability.