Firemaster Boards


Firemaster boards

A wide range of insulating boards is available in varying densities to provide effective rigid core material in fire protection applications.

We are able to offer a range of high strength, durable and easy to install fire insulation products. Densities range from 200kg/m3 to 550kg/m3 and are based on a formulation of our high performance FireMaster® fiber with additional fillers and binders which form rigid panels.

The easy to cut, low dust formation in comparison to traditional fire protection boards ensures fast, easy and clean installation. Typically, good strength and durability properties ensure they are suitable for use within applications that require a rigid core material, such as fire doors, cladding of structures and as support for penetration seals. Within these applications they can provide a combined fire, acoustic and thermal insulation solution.

Key features of our FireMaster® insulation boards include:

  • High strength
  • Low weight contribution
  • Noncombustible or low flame spread classification
  • Low dust formation, easy to cut
  • Water and oil resistance

Firemaster T-board

FireMaster T Board is a rigid panel made from high temperature low-bioperistence Superwool fibers and an innovative filler and binder system that combine to provide exceptional high temperature resistance and thermal protection.

Especially developed for the most demanding fire protection applications in tunnels and underground construction, FireMaster T-board has lower thickness requirements and lower handling weight than traditionally-used board products.

Fire Performance Properties

  • Class A1 reaction to fire EN 13501-1
  • Fire Protection of concrete tunnel structures EN 1363-1:2012, EN 1363-2:1999 using RWS fire curve
  • 2 hours protection: 20mm
  • 3 hours protection: 25mm