Rollers and products for steel industry

Rollers and products for steel industry

Together with our suppliers, we can provide you with consumables and complete equipment to Steel plants, Rolling and Forging mills. For example, new forging- and reheating furnaces, upgrading of existing furnaces, rolls for rolling mills, stretch- and straightening rolls and other equipment for rolling/forging as well as slide gate valves for flow control and preheating equipment for scrap, ladles, tundish and converters.

Other, Steel plants/Rolling mills

We can also provide you with different types of Metallurgical coal, Cored alloy wire, Oxygen lances, Burning bars as well as Electrodes for EAF and Ladle furnaces.

Spare parts, Rolling mills and Furnaces

Supplier: Bombardieri S.p.A.

Drive shafts, couplings and pinion shafts, roller table rolls, shocks etc. Different items from a few kg to x number of ton according to customer drawing.

Complete up- and down coilers according to customer drawing as well as re-designing of the same including spare parts like segment or expanders.

Engineering and modelling of spare parts including Reversed Engineering with 3D scanning.

Stretch and Straightening rolls

Supplier: Comesa s.r.l

Stretch and straightening rolls for stretch and straightening lines for flat and long products.

Slitting and Cut-to-length lines

Supplier: Messerfabrik Neuenkamp GmbH.

Straight and circular knifes for slitting and Cut-to-length lines for metal industry.

Flow control valves

Supplier: Knöllinger Flotec GmbH.

Valves for flow control of liquid metal in ladles and tundishes including refractory items.

Rolls for Rolling

Casted work- and back up rolls.
Supplier: Walzen Irle GmbH.

Forged work- and back up rolls.
Supplier: Steinhoff GmbH & Cie. OGH

Casted work- and back up rolls < 10 ton
Supplier: Walzengiesserei Hartgusswerk Quedlinburg GmbH

Roll grinding machines.
Supplier: Waldrich Siegen

Heat resistant castings

Supplier: Thermocast S.p.A

Furnace rolls: Centrifugal casted and machined rolls in heat resistant material.

Riders: Statically casted items in heat resistant material for pusher furnaces and different types of walking beam furnaces for transport of slabs/ingots through a furnace.

Charging baskets: Casted loading baskets for heat treatment of different types of smaller items.

Radiant tubes: Centrifugal casted tubes, which is heated up by means of electrical or gas/oil heated burners. Often used in protective atmosphere in different types of heat treatments, mainly steel.

Heat resistant castings: Casted items used in high temperature, up to approximately 1200 C.

Centrifugal casting: A method where the molten metal is forced towards the inside of a rotating mould by means of centrifugal forces.