Unifelt boards


Unifelt boards are made from refractory fibres compositions, bonded with an organic binder which begins to burn out on exposure to 180-200°C and which imparts high strength prior to heating. They show excellent flexibility properties which give good dimensional resilience after compression and make utilization of the boards or cut pieces very easy where rigid products are unsuitable.

Unifelt boards are supplied in a wide range of thickness and grades each combining light weight, high heat resistance, low thermal conductivity with high sound absorption properties.

Unifelt boards have excellent resistance to chemical attack, essentially unaffected by all chemicals except hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and strong alkalis.

Also after being wet by oil or water, the thermal and physical properties are fully restored on drying.


Vacuum formed Refractory Fibre Felt


  • Unifelt 1300 1260°C
  • Unifelt 1400 1400°C
  • Unifelt 1500 1500°C
  • Unifelt 1600 1600°C
  • Unifelt 1700 1700°C


  • Excellent insulating performance
  • Flexibility, good resilience
  • Unaffected by most chemicals except hydrofluoric andphosphoric acids and strong alkalis.
  • Excellent thermal stability: fibres have good resistance todevitrification
  • Low heat storage.
  • Resistance to thermal shock.
  • Good sound absorption.
  • Can be easily cut


  • High temperature gaskets.
  • Brickwork linings construction joints.
  • Catalytic mufflers insulation.
  • Die cut pieces for household appliance.
  • Back up insulation for ladles.
  • Veneering modules production