FireMaster Putty

FireMaster Putty

FireMaster Putty is a non-combustible sealing product ideal for use with our range of FireMaster products.

As part of the wide FireMaster range of fire protection products, FireMaster Putty is used to create a full seal to prevent smoke emission in the event of a fire. As a non-combustible sealant, FireMaster Putty does not contribute to fires, ensures containment and is also able to resist exposure to water hose streams.

Key features of FireMaster® Putty include:

  • Non-combustible material – does not contribute to fires
  • Provides a full seal – containing smoke during fires
  • Resistance to water hose streams

FireMaster Putty can be used alone however it is most successful when deployed with other products in the FireMaster range, these could include:

  • FireMaster® Blanket
  • FireMaster® Board
  • FireMaster® Expanding Felt
  • FireMaster® Paper