Firemaster Paper

Firemaster Paper

FireMaster Paper products are an extremely thin layer of material made from FireMaster fibre and selected binders providing a high degree of heat insulation.

With just a thin and flexible layer of material, FireMaster Paper can provide a high degree of heat insulation whilst creating a good fire seal under compression. Paper can be used in a range applications where a thin insulation layer that exhibits good compression properties is required.

Typical applications include:

  • Gasket insulation
  • Glazing insulation
  • Curtain wall system insulation

FireMaster Paper is thin, flexible and easy to handle when on site. It is supplied as a roll and can be quickly cut with a knife or scissors. This ensures that it is fast and easy to install. If you are interested in using FireMaster® paper in your applications, please contact us today.

NB! Firemaster Paper can also be supplied as a paper that expands when exposed to heat. (typically above 190*C)