Agreement between Refratechnik and Höganäs Borgestad to benefit refractory users in Nordic Countries

Wednesday March 3, 2021

Refratechnik Group and Höganäs Borgestad Group have entered into a strategic agreement for the supply of refractory products.  The similar operating philosophies of both organizations aligned, and resulted in an expanded range of refractory solutions for Höganäs Borgestad customers.

The agreement between Höganäs Borgestad and Refratechnik Group underscores the desire of both companies for long-term, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships; resulting in a secure supply of top-quality product for the customer.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany; Refratechnik Group operates refractory and industrial mineral businesses, with over 1900 employees in 27 locations worldwide.

For more than 70 years, Refratechnik has built an exceptional reputation with benchmark products and services for high-temperature industrial processes such as; cement & lime production, iron & steel manufacturing, as well as non-ferrous and ceramics industries.

Founded in 1825, Höganäs Borgestad is the largest refractory company in the Nordic region providing installation services and refractory materials to many industries. Höganäs Borgestad customers will now have direct access to the comprehensive product range and application expertise of the Refratechnik Group.