Höganäs Borgestad to build a new and advanced refractory production plant in Bjuv

Friday October 27, 2023

(Bjuv, Sweden, 27th of October 2023) Höganäs Borgestad AB has today announced the decision to build a new and advanced refractory plant that allows for more sustainable production, while freeing up space for the municipality of Bjuv to develop its city center. The new plant is expected to commence production in three to five years. Höganäs Borgestad will continue to offer the company’s wide range of products and competitive offering, throughout and after the construction process.

“We are thrilled to announce the next chaper of our 150 year journey as a leading provider of high-value refractory solutions. By building a more advanced and efficient production plant, we will futureproof Höganäs Borgestad as a leading industrial partner for our customers and an attractive employer. This new plant will enable more sustainable production and allow for product development of future-oriented solutions,” says Frode Martinussen, CEO at Höganäs Borgestad Holding.

Höganäs Borgestad has shared a long and rich history with the municipality of Bjuv, ever since the company first started operations in the area in 1873. While Höganäs Borgestad remains a cornerstone company in Bjuv, the current factory area blocks further development of the city centre and infrastructure. With this backdrop, Höganäs Borgestad has entered into an agreement with the municipality to relocate and build a modern production plant in the immediate area.

Höganäs Borgestad will invest significantly in the development of the new plant and keep its customers updated throughout the project timeline. The new facility will be ready to start its production within three to five years.

“The new and more advanced facility will be ready to commence operations within three to five years. Throughout and after the relocation process, Höganäs Borgestad will continue to deliver the same refractory products and solutions that perform better, last longer, and are of high quality, on time and at competitive prices, “ Martinussen concludes.

For further information, please contact:
Frode Martinussen, CEO, Höganäs Borgestad, +47 90 168 934, email: Frode.Martinussen@hoganasborgestad.com
Hanna Landell, Managing Director Höganäs Borgestad AB, tel: +46 70 309 13 04, email: hanna.landell@hoganasborgestad.com

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