Höganäs Borgestad Academy

“Building bridges between people and companies”

Höganäs Borgestad Academy started in 1990s as internal and customer training and since then it is organized at regular intervals. We have held refractory trainings in Norway, Sweden, Iceland and at customer site worldwide. The courses include lectures with refractory theory, practical sessions such as bricklaying, casting, etc. problem solving, presentations from partners, social activities and networking /competence building.

Our goal

  • To raise the internal and external level of refractory knowledge.
  • To be updated with the latest refractory trends and technologies.
  • Internally, through both theoretical and practical training, new and existing personnel will be educated to meet the qualified level desired to support our customers.
  • Externally, to offer various refractory trainings to customers and partners through specialized seminars for each customer needs.

Types of customer trainings

At Höganäs Borgestad premises

  • 3-4 day training
  • Theoretical sessions
  • Practical sessions/workshops
  • Laboratory visit
  • Plant tour
  • Social activities

At customer site

  • Customized training depending on needs
  • Program / course length and content are agreed with the individual customer
Theoretical part
Practical part
Social activity – hiking
Social activity – hiking

Contact us for more information about our Höganäs Borgestad Academy and what we can do for your employees/company!