Linometer XLNT

Friday June 21, 2019

Measure your kiln lining thickness in seconds!

Regular lining measurement is necessary to ensure smooth operation in your cement kiln. Our Linometer XLNT is a quick, accurate and safe tool for measuring your lining thickness. Unlike traditional lining measurement, which requires you to drill holes in your lining, the Linometer XLNT offered by Höganäs Borgestad only needs a small patch of coating to be scraped from the brick surface for you to measure lining thickness with up to 99% accuracy.

Compact and light-weight

The instrument itself weighs only 845 g (1.80 lbs), and probe and extension rod together weigh only 806 g (1.77 lbs). The probe’s ‘footprint’ has been cut in half, so you spend less time removing coating from the brick surface. The Linometer XLNT hangs from a strap around the operator’s neck, leaving hands free to do the work.

Quick, accurate and safe

The Linometer XLNT measures lining thickness with an accuracy of 99%, requiring only a few seconds to return a correct reading. It often takes less than 30 minutes for a single operator to make comprehensive measurements on an entire section of your kiln. In addition, it is completely safe for the operator. Since no drilling is required, there is little risk of coating downfall or brick fracture. Because it is battery-operated, there are no power cables to draw and no risk of short-circuiting. With no drilling, there is also no dust and no noise.

With user-friendly features

The easy-to-navigate keypad gives the operator powerful measurement capabilities, and possibility to compare with earlier measurements. Digital graphic display provides a clear picture of lining thickness variations throughout the measured kiln. The remote probe and telescoping extension arm allows measurement of all parts of the lining’s circumference without bending or stooping, and without rotating the kiln. Once measurements are complete, data can be downloaded directly to computer, and imported into an Excel spreadsheet.


For traditional drilling and measuring, the cost of diamond-headed refractory drill bits alone quickly adds up to a lot of money. The Linometer XLNT’s only ‘consumables’ are six AA batteries, and they will last many months before being easily replaced. In the end, if your measuring and maintenance work is finished quicker, you can get back to making cement sooner. That is what the Linometer XLNT will help you to achieve!

Linometer XLNT in Action