FIREBOLTS, Prefabricated Refractory Blocks

Friday September 20, 2019

Solutions for your Clinker Cooler with FIREBOLTS, Prefabricated Refractory Blocks!

In areas where brick linings are not possible due to complicated geometries and castable application is risky because curing and firing may be limited, Höganäs Borgestad FIREBOLT® system gives you the optimal technical result, shortening installation time as well.

Production of blocks

  • High precision tools used for mold making ensures our blocks have tight dimensional tolerances.
  • Casting and curing of the blocks is carried out in our facility under very stringent controlled conditions, assuring the best possible quality. Furnace capacity of 12 Tons/batch.
  • Modern storage facilities help us to shorten delivery times.

Advantages of using FIREBOLTS

  • Fast and cost effective installation.
  • No dry out at site is needed.
  • Delivered ready dried and cured, giving you more stable and resistant linings.
  • Long lifetime (lifespan).
  • Easy placement and replacement.
  • Blocks could be used as mold for insulation casting.
  • Customised solutions for complicated geometries.

Application areas

Cooler bullnose

Inlet duct BULLNOSE

Cooler roof

Cooler side walls

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